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Green Meetings - Good for the Earth & Good for Business

To continue to enjoy the quality of life we treasure we all need to work and live in a more sustainable manner. For this meeting this involves making a concerted effort to reduce our use of resources and the amount of waste that results from the meeting activities.


The Organisers are inviting delegates to attend a meeting focused on sustainability.

  • To drive the sustainable focus, the Organisers have approached all conference aspects with resource-consumption awareness. Meetings geared toward sustainability have three main goals: they are good for business; good for the Earth; and benefit host communities.


You will see these principals incorporated throughout the conference including:


  • Badges will be recycled after the conference
  • Printed promotional materials such as post cards and brochures have been dramatically reduced in size/length and printed on recycled paper with more information posted online
  • Where possible, locally grown organic foods will be used at event functions
  • Earth-friendly promotional products will be distributed at the conference
  • The conference programme will be printed on the first few pages of the padfolio delegates receive at registration, resulting in one less printed brochure
  • Water will be served in jugs and not plastic bottles whenever possible
  • Donation of un-served food to soup kitchens, homeless shelters or other community service organizations. All left over materials (such

as bags, padfolios etc.) will be donated to a local primary school.

  • Collection and distribution of leftover exhibit materials to charitable organizations.
  • Providing un-used office supplies and equipment to local schools or charitable organizations.
  • Setting aside free exhibit space for local non-profit organizations.








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