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I am pleased to invite all members of the world community of earthquake engineers to attend the Fifteenth World Conference on Earthquake Engineering that will next be hosted by the Portuguese Society for Earthquake Engineering. Our definition for an earthquake engineer is much broader than might be implied by the word "engineer." From their inception in 1956, the World Conferences have served as an authoritative platform of information exchange among diverse professionals who deal with earthquake loss mitigation. These include practitioners and researchers among engineers (civil, structural, mechanical, and geotechnical), architects and urban planners, earth scientists (geologists, seismologists), public officials, and social scientists. IAEE pursues its objectives with an international emphasis: the promotion of international cooperation in earthquake engineering through global interchange of knowledge, ideas, results of research and practical experience.

We are reminded constantly by recurring earthquakes in many countries of the importance of our mission. The human misery and loss caused by ground shaking and its cascading effects can be reduced only through the focused cooperation of professionals who perform their responsibilities in the light of knowledge that has been generated worldwide.

Our Portuguese colleagues have prepared a wonderful conference in one of the most attractive cities of the world, itself the victim of a terrible earthquake in 1755. The scientific program, side activities and opportunities to enjoy what Lisbon has to offer its guests will make the conference a memorable event. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Polat Gülkan, President

International Association for Earthquake Engineering








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