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Social and cultural programmes, promoting informal contacts between conference participants and contact with rich cultural heritage of a 900 year old city will be important components of the conference activities.


Welcome Reception
Portugal stretched its imagination and looked out towards the sea and saw more than just water. The Navigators brought new worlds to the world. During the Welcome Reception you will have a chance to savour the aromas, flavours and images of all the mysterious, exotic and faraway places touched by the Navigators on their journeys as you catch up with old friends or meet new ones… Connecting & Networking is the key to Success… an opportunity to Convene, Connect and Commit.


Gala Dinner
This Very Special Evening has been conceived to allow you to get to know Portugal and the Portuguese through your senses. A specially designed menu has been produced to connect you to all your emotions and senses. You will also be able to taste, see, smell, touch, hear, and feel all the aspects that make this country a feast for the senses… and then there are the surroundings! But that is a secret or we will spoil the surprise. Be wooed and wowed by this 900 year old country with traditions that have lasted the test of time… Amidst the colours, sounds and emotions and the beautiful landscapes, you can expect the usual intensive networking.









CHILE - 2016



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