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Monday, September 24


SS 24.1 Seismic Retrofit of Masonry Structures

SS 24.2 SYNER-G - Systemic Seismic Vulnerability and Risk Analysis for Buildings, Lifeline Networks and Infrastructures Safety Gain

SS 24.3 Toward Improvement of GMPEs Incorporating Physic-Based Ground Motion Simulations

SS 24.4 Great East Japan (Tohoku) Earthquake

SS 24.5 Behavior, Design and Modeling Structural Walls – Damage Observations, Modeling Approaches and Research Needs


Tuesday, September 25


SS 25.1 Findings of the SERAMAR – Project

SS 25.2 M7.2 October 23 and M5.9 November 2011 Van Earthquakes in Turkey

SS 25.3 Global Earthquake Model: Objectives and Activities

SS 25.4 Earthquake protection of cultural heritage


Wednesday, September 26

SS 26.1 The Lorca (Spain) Earthquake (M5.1) of 11th May 2011

SS 26.2 Political Aspects of Earthquake Risk Reduction

SS 26.3 Global Earthquake Model's hazard activities

SS 26.4 Earthquake Engineering Issues on Nuclear Power Plant Safety Brought by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake


Thursday, September 27


SS 27.1 The role of architecture and urban planning in earthquake-resilience of cities: Encouraging cross-disciplinary engagement

SS 27.2 SAFECAST – Seismic Behaviour of Innovative Precast Structures

SS 27.3 Significant Building Responses Recorded During the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake

SS 27.4 Global Earthquake Model's physical risk activities

SS 27.5 The Canterbury Earthquake Sequence

SS 27.6 Are Nuclear Power Plants seismically safe enough?









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